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Jambon in July 11 speech: ‘Worst economic suffering has yet to …


Flemish Prime Minister Jan Jambon (N-VA) did not send a cheerful message on the eve of a special Flemish holiday. “We will all have to help rebuild Flanders.”

“From this historic place and at this special moment I would like to appeal to you, I would like to appeal to all Flemish people,” said Jambon, at the famous Groeningekouter in Kortrijk. This is also a celebration in an adapted context: only 200 invitees were allowed to attend.

“I appeal to you – young and older, employee and employer, civil servant and self-employed: let’s all stand shoulder to shoulder, together back our rights,” Jambon continued. “Not only to get our slowing economy back up to speed. But certainly also to help shape our social fabric and our Flemish nation. ‘

Jambon was positive about the Flemish spirit and our past: ‘As Flemings, we often endured hard times. But time and again we overcame disaster, straightened our backs and seized opportunities. We will also have to be smart now and tomorrow. And strong. “

For the first time, the Flemish Prime Minister has directly addressed television-watching Flanders. A short video message was broadcast on VRT and VTM, a film of about three minutes.



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