Jamai Loman takes over LEGO Masters presentation from Ruben Nicolai | Media

Ruben Nicolai will not return in the new season of the RTL 4 hit LEGO Masters. Jamai Loman takes his place. The singer and presenter thinks it is “a great honor”, he told in RTL Boulevard.-

“What it’s like to follow in Ruben’s footsteps? Well, I think it’s sweet of Ruben that he said: if someone is going to do it, I’m glad Jamai is going to do it,” said Loman.

The presenter does not want to imitate Nicolai and therefore gives his own twist to the program. “I don’t build, I don’t judge. All I do is tell a little bit about the assignment and guide the builders through the broadcast.”

Nicolai presented the first two seasons of LEGO Masters with the Belgian Kürt Rogiers. He won’t come back either. It was previously announced that Andy Peelman will take over the presentation on behalf of the Flemish channel VTM.

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