JAM Pidsus’s Laughter Regarding Burhanuddin’s Name in the Pinangki Indictment

In the prosecution of Pinangki prosecutor, Burhanuddin’s name was mentioned in connection with Djoko Tjandra’s case.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, by Bambang Noroyono

Junior Attorney General for Special Crimes (JAM Pidsus) Ali Mukartono laughed and pointed his hands at the moment Republic asked a question as to whether Burhanuddin’s name was listed in prosecutor Pinangki Sirna Malasari is Attorney General Sanitiar Burhanuddin. Walking into his official car, Ali chuckled in answer to the question.

“Wait for the trial, okay?” Said Ali, when he was stopped at the Pidsus Building, Attorney General’s Office (Kejakgung), Jakarta, Wednesday (23/9) night.

Before getting into the car to go home, the questions still continued. If Burhanuddin who was summarized in the Pinangki indictment referred to Attorney General Sanitiar Burhanuddin, why was the first name of the leader of the Adhyaksa Corps not written down? Ali explained that it was the prosecutor’s authority.

Loh, that’s the prosecutor. It depends on the initials that make it. That make so want what are you doing? “ kata Ali.

After holding a joint case with the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) in the Round Building, on Tuesday (8/9), Ali Mukartono once revealed that the investigation of the Djoko Tjandra free fatwa scandal would not cover up any of the names that were suspected of having been caught up. In fact, said Ali, if the names involved high-ranking officials at the AGO.

Ali admitted that he was unable to cover up the disclosure of the names of high ranking officials at the Attorney General’s Office, from the results of the investigation by his team at JAM Pidsus. Because of that, he emphasized, there would be names who were often accused of being involved, included in the case files and indictment sheets against the alleged prosecutor Pinangki Sirna Malasari.

“The question being asked was discussed (in the case with the KPK). That (the name of the Attorney General) has come out, whether it’s the BAP (investigation file), I don’t know what, ”said Ali, Tuesday (8/9).

At that time, Ali also confirmed that the name in question would be revealed in court. “Later in the trial, (the name of the Attorney General) will appear,” Ali added.

In a similar question related to the Attorney General, and the alleged involvement of the Supreme Court Justices in the Supreme Court, Ali also explained that the object of the investigation of the legal scandal, it was confirmed that the filing of the Supreme Court fatwa for Djoko Tjandra, could be released from the 2009 verdict.

In Picture: The Prime Session of the Pinangki Prosecutor at the Corruption Court

Ali’s statement was partly proven. At the first trial of the defendant prosecutor Pinangki at the Tipikor District Court, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (23/9), it was revealed that two identical names were identified as the Attorney General and the Supreme Court Judge. The two names, namely Burhanuddin and Hatta Ali. The last name, is the former Chief Justice who retired on April 7, 2020.

The two names, revealed in the indictment, were related to the disclosure of the action plan (action plan) Pinangki, together with the suspect Andi Irfan Jaya, in the bid for the release proposal Djoko Tjandra via fatwa MA.
Proposal entitled action plan Pinangki proposed, and Andi Irfan explained to Djoko Tjandra with an offer of US $ 100 million (or around Rp. 1.5 trillion).

The proposal offer was submitted by Pinangki, and Andi Irfan, in November 2019. However, the negotiations between the three resulted in a certainty of the value of the proposal at 10 million dollars, or around Rp 150 billion.

At the trial, it was revealed that there were 10 stages of the process action plan the. At that stage, the names of Burhanuddin, and Hatta Ali were revealed.
Public Prosecutor (JAP) Kiemas Roni explained, in Pinangki’s indictment, the first stage, with the signing security deposit (act of selling power).

What is meant by the defendant (Pinangki), as a guarantee when security deposit what Djoko Tjandra promised, was not realized, “explained Prosecutor Roni.

Roni explained, action plan The first phase, estimates the implementation time from 13-23 February 2020. “Person in charge action these, are Djoko Tjandra, and Andi Irfan, “said Pinangki’s indictment.

Burhanuddin’s name, mentioned in the second stage action plan. The prosecutor read, the second stage was the sending of a letter from Djoko Tjandra’s lawyer, Anita Dewi Kolopaking, to Burhanuddin, who was referred to as an official at the Attorney General’s Office (Kejakgung).

What is meant by the defendant, as a letter of application for a fatwa of the Supreme Court (MA), from the lawyer to attorney General’s Office to be forwarded to MA, ”said Prosecutor Roni.

Explained in the indictment, the second level responsible action plan these, namely Andi Irfan, and Anita Kolopaking. Meanwhile, Hatta Ali, mentioned in action plan third.

According to Roni, at that stage, Burhanuddin, as an official in Kejakgung sent a letter to Hatta Ali who was referred to as an official in the Supreme Court.

“Action the third, is BR (Burhanuddin / Attorney General’s Office) sent a letter to HA (Hatta Ali / MA Office), “explained the prosecutor.

The estimated time for the third phase is planned for 26 February-1 March 2020. The person in charge for the third stage is Pinangki, and Andi Irfan.

In the fourth stage action plan, namely in the form of payment of 25 percent for consultants fee, or the value of 250 thousand US dollars from the remaining payment of 500 thousand US dollars as an advance payment for Pinangki and Andi Irfan’s assignments. The payment schedule, in action plan mentioned on March 1 to 5, 2020. And Djoko Tjandra as the person in charge of the payment.

The names Hatta Ali and Burhanuddin are again mentioned in action plan sixth stage. In his allegation, Prosecutor Roni explained, the sixth level is the response of the MA office, on a letter from Burhanuddin the office in Kejakgung.

“It was Hatta Ali / MA Office) who answered the letter BR (Burhandduin / Kejakgung Office),” the prosecutor explained.

In the sixth stage, the initials of DK, which are described in the capital letters, are listed as unknown parties. But the initials DK are referred to as the sixth level responsible action plan. DK, together with Hatta Ali, and Anita Kolopaking, was in charge of the sixth stage, with an estimated implementation on March 6 to 16, 2020.

In the seventh stage, action plan again mentioning Burhanuddin, and Hatta Ali. It was said that at this stage, Burhanuddin would issue instructions related to Hatta Ali’s reply letter, as a connection from the third and sixth stages.

“What the defendant (Pinangki) means, is that the Attorney General has instructed its subordinates to implement the Supreme Court fatwa,” said Prosecutor Roni.

The prosecutor continued, the estimated implementation of the instruction, on March 6-16 2020, with the person in charge, namely IF, whose identity is not yet known. In the eighth stage of action plan mentioned as the thawing phase security deposit the amount is agreed upon 10 million dollars 9Rp 150 billion).

“What the defendant (Pinangki) meant was that Djoko Tjandra would pay this amount of money (10 million dollars), if action plan the second level, the third level, and the sixth level, as well as the seventh level were successfully implemented, “explained JPU Roni.

Person in charge action plan The eighth stage, namely Djoko Tjandra, will be held on March 26 to April 5 2020.
Furthermore, at the ninth stage action plan, Djoko Tjandra must be sure to enter Indonesia.

“What the defendant (Pinangki) means, is that Djoko Tjandra returned to Indonesia, without undergoing a two-year prison sentence, based on the PK decision on 2/11 June 2009,” said Prosecutor Roni.

The person in charge for the ninth stage, namely Andi Irfan, and Pinangki, whose implementation is planned for April to May 2020. Finally, at the 10th stage, the payment of consultants fee 25 percent goes to Pinangki, worth 250 thousand US dollars, the remaining down payment that has to be paid by Djoko Tjandra in the role of administering the fatwa to the Supreme Court.

The repayment of the money is planned for May-June 2020 after Djoko Tjandra arrives in Indonesia. The person in charge for the last stage, namely Djoko Tjandra.

However, explained JPU, the whole stage action plan there is nothing running. In the indictment, Attorney Roni said that Djoko Tjandra canceled the entire proposed proposal action plan asked Pinangki, and the Andi Irfan.

Action plan that, none of it was implemented, “said JPU Roni.

However, Djoko Tjandra is said to have given a down payment of 500 thousand dollars (Rp 7.5 billion) to Pinangki in December 2019 through Andi Irfan. Part of the down payment, 50 thousand dollars (Rp 700 million) of which, went into Anita Kolopaking’s pocket.

Regarding the existence of the name Burhanuddin in the indictment, until Wednesday (23/9) afternoon there had been no official response from the Attorney General’s Office. Head of the Information and Law Center (Kapuspenkum) Attorney General’s Office, Hari Setiyono, did not answer questions about whether Burhanuddin was in action plan in question, namely Attorney General Sanitiar Burhanuddin.

Meanwhile, Hatta Ali, through a short message to Republic emphasized that he never knew Pinangki, or Andi Irfan. “I have never known the name Jaksa Pinangki, or Andi Irfan, who is said to be from the Nasdem Party,” said Ali.


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