Jalonen declassified the first change in the hockey team, he will also lose his assistant for a while

On the other hand, forward Jakub Navrátil will not continue preparing for the World Cup in Finland next week. “It was a great experience and I am very happy to have been part of the national team for three weeks. The coaches gave me feedback so I know what to work on next season. I will work so that I can return to the national team as soon as possible, “said Navrátil.

The defender Jakub Jeřábek, who missed part of the last camp in Chomutov due to health problems, will join the team back in Ostrava. So there are currently 3 goalkeepers, 9 defenders and 14 forwards on the national team roster.

In agreement with Jalonen, assistant coach Martin Erat, who will travel to the USA for a few days for family reasons, will not take part in the camp in Ostrava. “Kari and I agreed on this before the preparations began. Since I had to fly fast a month ago, I still have a few things to do in America, “Erat revealed.

“I’m also very happy that thanks to this four-day trip to Nashville, I can spend my second birthday with my son, which really means a lot to me. In any case, I will be in touch with my fellow coaches from a distance, “said Erat, who will be back at the team in the last week of April, when they will be on the Czech Hockey Game in Ostrava with the participation of the national team, Swedes, Finns and Austrians.

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