Jalen Brunson is signing for the New York Knicks!

Even before the opening of the free agency and as it was whispered since the beginning of the week, it is finally with the Knicks that Jalen Brunson will engage according to Shams, Tim McMahon and Marc Stein. The playmaker will sign a big contract of about 110 million dollars over 4 years, much more than what the Mavs were ready to put. Marc Stein reports that there would be around $105 million guaranteed, and a few million in bonuses.

Obviously there is tampering in the air (franchises cannot communicate normally before the start of free agency), and Marc Stein reports that the meeting between the Dallas Mavericks and the playmaker scheduled for the opening of the free agency was canceled, confirming his signing in New York. Dallas was actually informed by the Brunson camp that the matter was closed.

Obviously it’s easier knowing that Brunson’s agent is none other than the son of Leon Rose, the president of the Knicks, and that the leader’s father is an assistant coach at the Knicks…

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