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Jalan Pantura Semarang is flooded, motorbikes are recommended to find alternative routes


Jalan Pantura Semarang in Mangkang-Randugarut Semarang area was flooded. The water level, which reached 50 centimetres, prevented the passage of two-wheeled vehicles.

“For information about the floods in the western region, especially in the area around Mangkang, starting from KTI to Mangkang market, many floods have been observed,” Great Semarang Volunteer Team member Agus Prayitno said at detik JatengSaturday (31/12/2022).

The deepest location is Kendal to Semarang direction opposite PT Sangu or not far from Randugarut village office. At 07.45 WIB, the water level is estimated to have reached 40-50 centimetres.

“For the deepest one, facing Sangu or Randugarut, the height is 40 to 50 centimeters,” he continued.

He saw many motorcycles and sedans driving around. Agus also suggested that motorists or small cars should find another way.

“For motorcycles with large wheels or for medium or small cars I urge you to be vigilant or look for other alternative routes. The point is for two-wheelers to avoid the north coast road towards the west, it is certain that it is impossible to pass”, has explained.

Separately, Adhi Yulianto, head of disaster relief at the BPBD of Semarang, said the floods occurred almost uniformly in Semarang. He also appealed to residents not to leave their homes, considering flood conditions are almost evenly distributed.

“Almost all (floods). Flat, almost all flat. I recommend not going out early, for now, don’t go out early,” he explained.

Adhi also said he would deploy the full officers. Even those not participating in the picket line today are welcome to enter.

“From our officers, we went out, from those who weren’t on the picket, I asked them to go to the office for all this,” he concluded.

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