Jakobsen said he wasn’t drinking: It was a very dark period

Fabio Jakobsen slave triumph in the second stage Vuelty.

| photo: Tim De Waele / Getty Images

Tiadvacetilet Dutch to the accidents, which happened on August 5, came out for the first time. The rescued and sisters of the people in Katowice saved my life, for which I am very grateful to them, said Jakobsen on the Deceuninck-Quick Step website.

He fell at about eight-eight-kilometer speed when compatriot Dylan Groenewegen pushed him to the barire during a spurt. Jakobsen pelleted it and ended up in a tratolith of blood. He had to be rejuvenated in the city and after intubation he was unconsciously taken by helicopter to the hospital in Sosnowiec, where he underwent five hours of surgery.

He then spent days on the unit intensively. It was for me, a dark period when I was afraid I wasn’t drinking, it was light. But he began to recover and last week he was taken to a hospital in Leiden, the Netherlands.

And his condition is fine. Step by step I can load it separately. At the moment I am at home, where the wounds in mm can be healed and injured. I have to repel a lot in the next month, because I had a concussion. And in the coming weeks and months, I will undergo several operations and others to repair the wound in the area, he described.

Darkness Yvan Vanmol last week let it be heard that Jakobsen once went to a cycling well.

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