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The 20-year-old, who is the only one of the running brothers who participates in the National Championships, finished second in the Diamond League final in Zurich Thursday. Since he was not back in Norway until after the attempts at 1500 meters in the National Championships, he received special permission to go straight to the final. He came driving from Sandnes to Kristiansand just before the race.

“I do not have high hopes,” he told NRK.

But he set great speed from the start, and only Ferdinand Kvan Edman joined in the start.

– He makes a top race, an attack on his own championship record. A time when you did not think a Norwegian could run in a solo race, Jann Post commented.

In the last round, he proposed to the audience, and left Edman. With a new championship record of 3:33:26, he won a superior NM gold.

– Some of the most intense we have seen at an NM stadium ever that Jakob Ingebrigtsen delivers here now, commented Post.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen took time for the fans after he ran into the King’s Cup in the National Championships.

Photo: Annika Byrde / NTB

– It’s very fun. It’s cool to finish strong. NM is a nice place to end the season. There are not many races I have on Norwegian soil. It is extra cool and fun to be able to put the studded shoes on the shelf for a couple of weeks after this, Ingebrigtsen said after the race.

How gira are you on the King’s Cup?

– Of course it’s fun to win the King’s Cup, it’s an honor to be the best man in the NC, but I’m here because I think it’s fun to run in Norway, it’s not so often I do it,

Long awaited vacation

Now a holiday awaits the Olympic champion. And it will be for weeks, not days, says father and coach Gjert Ingebrigtsen.

– Now it’s a holiday, how long do you think it is for him?
I think it is very much anticipated. I think it will be to just walk the dog and just enjoy. Do not do anything, said Gjert Ingebrigtsen.

Are you afraid he’s going to spoon too much?

– No that does not work. He trains every day, so he can not go out too much.

The family watched Jakob Ingebrigtsen take NM gold

The Ingebrigtsen family saw Jakob run into the King’s Cup.

So it will not be a holiday?

Yes, yes, he has no obligations. That’s the closest he’s coming.

This was Jakob Ingebrigtsen’s eighth NM gold. Last year, he won both the 800 and 1500 meters, and was awarded the King’s Cup for the first time – something like provoked reactions. This year, the Ingebrigtsen family travels straight home on Saturday night, because on Sunday little sister Ingrid will be confirmed.


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