Jaimie Vaes now feels more calm in her relationship with Lil ‘Kleine | NOW

Jaimie Vaes and Lil ‘Kleine have found more peace in their relationship. The presenter tells in a interview with Robbert Rodenburg that they still experience high peaks and deep troughs, but that they are no longer as extreme as before.

Vaes admits that both she and Jorik Scholten, as Lil ‘Kleine is actually called, regularly visit the battle in their relationship. “We can be quite explosive with just the two of us. That means that the highs are very explosive, but so are the lows,” says Vaes.

“Now that we have become parents, it is a bit quieter, but we are evenly matched”, says Vaes, who became the mother of son Lio in 2019. She says that, now that they get older, they also look more for peace in their life and relationship. “There is no other way, because we have Lio.”

Vaes also notes that the corona crisis has changed her relationship. “Of course we were always away a lot. A lot of parties, a lot of distraction, a lot of incentives. You take all of that from the outside with you anyway. We always had a lot of people around us and everyone had an opinion and got involved.”

“The distractions are now less and we are both at home a lot. As a result, the peace has descended more and that is also good.” She admits that this does not mean that their arguments cannot be explosive every now and then, but those arguments are always followed by a good moment, according to her.

Vaes and Lil ‘Kleine hope to get married next summer. Whether that can continue depends on the corona measures.



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