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On October 1, Senator Armando Benedetti, who is being investigated by the Supreme Court of Justice for the scandal of the contract between the Ministry of ICT and the Unión Temporal Centros Poblados, affirmed that the lawyer Jaime Lombana It has contracts with the Ministry of Information Technologies.

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“With Colombian taxes, are we paying Karen Abudinen’s defense? Jaime Lombana’s tinterillo has contracts with MinTIC and that is why he defends her for free, as evidenced by @JuanPoe,” Senator Benedetti wrote on his Twitter account.

Moments later, he re-posted a trill that read the following: “How many contracts does Jaime Lombana’s parasite have with the government? His sister is the Minister of Commerce. Does the government endorse all your actions? On Monday I will send petition rights to all entities, we will discover billions, is that why you give yourself away as a lawyer? “.

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Armando Benedetti’s tweet about Jaime Lombana.


Twitter: @AABenedetti

Faced with these accusations, lawyer Jaime Lombana issued a statement describing what the senator said as “false information” and assured that he did not has no contract with the government.

My fight is against corruption that you lead: Lombana

“I must answer forcefully; NONE Senator Benedetti, not one. Nor have I had any contract with the national government for more than 15 years. My fight is against corruption that you lead, I invite any citizen to review the SECOP, to confirm once again his known proclivity towards crime and lies, “said Lombana.

It should be noted that Benedetti has previously stated that the investigations that have been opened against him have been the product of “the madness” of Lombana.

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However, the former Mintic minister, Karen AbudinenShe said that the senator called her to suggest that instead of expiring the contract, she assign it to a North American firm.

“Senator: I refresh your memory. You did call me, like other people did, “said the former minister, on her Twitter account.




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