Jailbreak Unc0ver opens current Apple OS

25.05.2020, 04:28 a.m.
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With the Unc0ver tool there is a current jailbreak for everyone iOS-Versions from 11. The developer assumes that the upcoming version 14 can also be opened with the jailbreak.

On Saturday, a group called Unc0ver released a jailbreak for iOS based on a zero-day gap. How Wired reports, the main developer of the jailbreak, who calls himself Pwn20wnd, found this zero-day gap himself and apparently did not report it to Apple or sell it to one of the marketplaces for such gaps.

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Stable jailbreak with moderate interventions

With the specially developed Unc0ver tool, it should be possible to easily create the jailbreak even on an iPhone with the latest iOS version. The jailbreak should work stably and should not affect the battery life or other important functions of the devices.

Above all, all Apple services such as Pay, iCloud or iMessage should not be negatively affected by the jailbreak. Rather, Apple’s essential security concepts, such as user data protection or sandbox approaches, are to be retained. As Pwn20wnd Wired explained, his jailbreak only adds exceptions to the existing iOS rules. In addition, it gains access to previously unreadable parts of the file system in order to store and read jailbreak data.

Jailbreak is not permanent and fully reversible

The jailbreak is not permanent, so it is reset when the operating system is restarted. The jailbreak data remains on the device, so that a new use of the Unc0ver tool reactivates the jailbreak.

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If users create a backup of the system in advance of the jailbreak, they can switch back to the official operating system version at any time. In this case, the jailbreak should not leave any traces on the device, which could be important for warranty issues.

Unknown kernel gap is the basis for jailbreak

The starting point for the jailbreak is a previously unknown vulnerability in the kernel, the heart of the operating system, according to Pwn20wnd zu Wired. Therefore, it cannot be assumed that Apple will be able to close the gap within a few days.

Pwn20wnd assumes that it will cost the manufacturer at least two to three weeks to find the vulnerability and eliminate it. Technically, the jailbreak would also work for the upcoming version 14 in his opinion.

In the security community, the Unc0ver team receives a lot of praise for the jailbreak it found. Despite the associated security risks, experts view jailbreaks for iOS as positive overall because they are only able to take a look inside the Apple operating system and evaluate its security status independently.

Apple traditionally does not work with the external security scene. Correlium’s security experts had the California company sued last yearbecause they launched an iOS virtualization solution. Apple saw its copyright violated.

The Unc0ver tool is not the only jailbreak option for iPhones Checkm8 there is another variant, which only works for devices up to model year 2017 and iOS up to 13.3.

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