Jada Pinkett Smith wants Will Smith and Chris Rock to make amends

Will Smith I attacked Chris Rock at the Oscars, generating a real media storm with the actor being expelled from the Academy and its finery for a decade. The reason? Smith reacted to a joke about his wife’s baldness by punching the comedian and presenter on stage. Now, explain from Deadline, Jada Pinkett Smith has been talking about the incident on his talk show Red Table Talkwhich is broadcast through Facebook.

Jada Pinkett Smith talks about the Oscars and her husband’s assault on Chris Rock

Will Smith, who has lost his job on almost every movie he was making with the exception of Bad Boys 4 and the Apple project, apologized to Chris Rock publicly through Instagram after collecting his statuette for The Williams Methodbut his wife seems to want them both to make peace in a more ceremonious way and deep. Pinkett Smith, staring at the camera, has reflected on the assault.

“My sincerest hope is that these two intelligent and sensible men give each other a chance to heal, talk things over and reconcile”commented the actress. “The way the world is today, we need them both. In fact, each one of us needs the others more than ever before,” commented the interpreter, who affirms that reconciliation is the only way to move forward. “Until then, Will and I will continue to do what we have done for the last 28 years: keep trying to figure out this thing we call life together. Thanks for listening,” she concluded.

My sincerest hope is that these two intelligent and sensible men will give each other a chance.

That Pinkett Smith decides to use her hit show to advocate for peace between the two figures is pretty big. the actress of Matrixhas used its platform, in a special program dedicated to alopecia in which various guests and people will tell their problems and fears about hair loss. “It’s a time to heal and I’m willing to do it”, she commented on her day after the infamous Oscar gala and her husband’s assault on the presenter. Interestingly, within hours of the slap, Pinkett Smith said that she did not need protection as a woman, turning her back on her husband. Will Chris Rock and Will Smith reconcile?

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