Jada Pinkett Smith unfaithful to Will Smith with a rapper during their marriage, she confirms in front of her husband


A few days ago, we learned that Jada Pinkett Smith had been a rapper with the blessing of Will Smith through the mouth of the principal concerned, August Alsina. After these words which made a lot of noise, the actress wanted to clarify the situation, although she considers that this story is supposed to be private. At a Facebook Live for Red Table Talk, Jada Pinkett Smith admitted to her husband Will Smith that he had an affair, but the truth is slightly different. For more than 12 minutes, she explained that her friendship with the rapper started 4 and a half years ago, when her marriage to Will Smith was falling apart and they had decided to separate for a little while. Jada Pinket Smith then said to her husband, among others: “When Aug arrived, he was very sick. We found various resources to help him get through here and there, you and I were going through a very difficult time … We were separated.”

Jada Pinket Smith added : “From there, over time, I entered another type of bond with August … Yes, it was absolutely a relationship … One thing I want to correct about you granting me” permission “: The only person who can give permission in this circumstance is myself.” After these long explanations, the actress finally revealed that everything had since returned to normal between her and Will Smith : “We have truly reached this new stage of unconditional love. I didn’t know if you would be ready to find the deep capacity to love me” to which the international star replied: “I wasn’t sure I could speak to you again. The fact that I speak to you again is a miracle. There is a real power to know that someone will follow you no matter what, and you really can’t know it before you go through certain things. “ You will understand, everything is fine now for the couple who married in 1997 and who had three beautiful children who became as famous as their parents.

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