Jacques and Gabriella of Monaco, the new photos of Charlene Wittstock’s children

Last November 20th, on the occasion of the national holiday of the Principality of Monaco, the twins Jacques and Gabriella of Munich they were the most photographed of the family, perfectly at ease in a “grown-up” day. But behind the scenes the princes are two unstoppable six-year-olds (they will celebrate their birthday on December 10th) and to tell them in all their spontaneity, thought mom Charlène Wittstock, than on Instagram, over the weekend, he shared other photographs of the day, the more private ones.

The princess showed followers a beautiful portrait of her husband, Alberto II, together with Jacques, that when he grows up he will happen to the throne: the same blue suit as his father, an order tie, and a decidedly nicer pose for the little one, with his legs crossed on a matching light blue sofa. “So proud,” wrote Charlène, who also added two photos of Gabriella, all intent on imitating her father: “Copiona”, joked Wittstock, full of likes.

The solemnity is fine, in short, but when the cameras are turned off at the Grimaldi home, life becomes decidedly more “normal”, with two lively children who become the absolute protagonists of the days, even the official ones.

«Cresurrect two twins it is often exhausting but also very stimulating», Charlène declared a few months ago in an interview with Point of view, but the most beautiful thing is the relationship between the two: «They share an indescribable bond of incredible affection and sweetness. They talk to each other all the time and, like all children, they can sometimes be a little rough, a little difficult in their exchanges, but they support each other unconditionally ». And it shows. Children never lose sight of each other and it is not uncommon to see them embraced. A truly special relationship, which bodes well for the future of the kingdom.


Jacques, Gabriella and the others: the new generations advance in Munich


Jacques and Gabriella of Monaco, the new (tender) photo published by mother Charlène


twins from Monaco, Gabriella and Jacques, go back to school (and are very happy)


Charlene of Monaco: «Raising twins? Exhausting”

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