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“Jack & Jones Ordered to Pay Workers Sunday Premiums”

In the retail world, Sundays are typically considered premium days with workers receiving additional pay for working the weekend. However, for clothing brand Jack & Jones, this wasn’t always the case. The company has recently been ordered to stop their practice of denying premium Sunday pay to its employees by a Labour Court after a worker filed a complaint. The Irish Times reported that the company has been ordered to pay the worker a sum of €10,000 in compensation. This ruling highlights the importance of fair pay policies and brings attention to the struggles employees can face in securing their rights.

The popular men’s clothing store Jack & Jones has been instructed to take action ensuring that their employees are compensated for Sunday work by the Workplace Relations Commission. The retailer, which employs about 40 full-time employees in Ireland, admitted to not paying a Sunday premium to its workers. Following a claim by an employee, Jake Quinn, the administration ordered the clothing company to pay a sum of €10,725 (equivalent to six months’ salary) and to comply with the payment of Sunday premiums for all its staff. Furthermore, the employee alleged that he had not received bank holiday entitlements and was exempt from 14 Sundays from April to July 2022. The retailer did not dispute the claim. The adjudicating officer concluded that Mr Quinn’s claim was “well-founded” and ordered the retailer to pay the employee.

In conclusion, the recent victory of a Jack & Jones worker in securing €10k for the claimed Sunday pay is a significant milestone in the fight for workers’ rights. It is not only a victory for the worker in question but also a step in the right direction for workers’ collective bargaining power. It is commendable that Jack & Jones has stopped the blanket practice of denying premium Sunday pay to its employees. Hopefully, other companies will take a cue from this and ensure that their employees are not subjected to similar exploitation. It is high time that employees are treated with respect and dignity, and their contribution to their employers’ success is duly recognized and rewarded.

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