Jacek Kramek is dead. Edyta Górniak in mourning

Edyta Górniak is an extremely sensitive artist who is easy to move or hurt. The news of the death of a friend completely shattered her.

On July 20, late in the evening, the news reached the singer that Jacek Kramek is dead. The 32-year-old personal trainer was quite a famous figure among the stars of show business. In addition, he fulfilled himself as a model and actor.

It was he who played in the last music video of Edyta Górniak “Lime”. The singer, as soon as she found out about the man’s death, published a touching post on Facebook.

In the clip between Edyta and Jacek there were quite intimate close-ups. The artist and trainer, they hugged affectionately because they pretended to be lovers.

The death of the 32-year-old personal trainer was confirmed by his sister. So far, the official cause of death has not been given, but in the sidelines it is said that the man probably suffered a stroke.

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