Iwan Fals groans and griefs in a song for the Kanjuruhan tragedy

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Ewan False released the latest song titled Kanjuruhan on Wednesday (5/10) as a tribute to the tragedy of Kanjuruhan. In the ballad-style song, Iwan specifically responded to the incident spontaneously.

This was confirmed by Rambu’s son Cikal, who claimed that his father immediately wrote his poems shortly after the tragedy.

“So new [bikin] two days ago. The incident then immediately made a song, “Rambu Cikal said when he was contacted by CNNIndonesia.com on Wednesday (5/10).


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Released a video with the lyrics via Iwan Fals’ YouTube account, this song reveals a lyrics that captures a Virgiawan Listanto’s anxiety in watching the case that killed 131 people.

As stated in the first verse, Iwan specifically sent a special prayer to the victims who had to die as a result of overcrowding.

“Kanjuruhan teaches a lot / about being together, about caring / about blooming flowers / watered with tears and prayers,” Iwan sang softly.

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“Go and go happy / no one is ever ready to let you go / greet a soul for the achievements / greetings full of love for the world”, the song continues.

Entering the third verse, Iwan began to throw in sarcastic criticisms that have been his trademark since the beginning of his career.

“Kanjuruhan teaches a lot / about stupidity about hypocrisy / dark clouds of joy / let’s hope they get out of my way soon,” Iwan said.

Towards the bridge of the song, Iwan Fals did not hesitate to include Arema’s nickname, Singo Edan, as part of the lyrics.

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