Ivo Fomina’s concert is suspended due to a bad call

Upon receiving an indication that an explosive device had been placed in the house of culture, the police immediately responded to the warning and evacuated the visitors of the event for security purposes, as well as searched the premises of the house of culture. The bomb was not found.

The special guest of the event was the co-author of Ivo’s songs and musician Guntars Račs, who indicates on the social site “Facebook” that this was a new experience. “One of the last such possibilities, which someone tried to ruin thoroughly.

Meanwhile, Fomin points out that everyone is living in a time of great challenges today. “We are forced to adapt to the new challenges due to common goals and ourselves. Artists have suffered the most from the restrictions on gatherings and it seems that the new restrictions on gatherings will suffer even more. Listeners, of course, have limited opportunities to attend concerts and events. security events, a concert at the Tukums Culture House could take place.There was a real harmony and mutual trust between the artists and the audience.We who were on stage enjoyed this together from the bottom of our hearts.And then the unexpected happened and we now feel a certain taste of incompleteness and bitterness for a concert that has not been played to completion. “

The singer hopes that the police will find out the circumstances and bring the perpetrators to justice. “However, on behalf of all the musicians and the organizer of the event, I would like to apologize to the listeners who had come and who, due to circumstances beyond our control, had to leave the concert prematurely. We will definitely return to Tukums as soon as possible to finish the concert as planned.”

The police inform that criminal proceedings have been initiated for the incident, the possible culprit has been identified, and procedural steps are being taken. The possible reason for the call is that the person was not admitted to the event without a valid vaccination or disease certificate.

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