Ivermectin Becomes the Recommendation of Japanese Doctors to Cure Corona Disease

Tribunnews.com Correspondent Report, Richard Susilo from Japan

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, TOKYO – Dr. Kazuhiro Nagao (63) Chairman of medical company Yuwakai, director (Head) of Nagao Amagasaki Clinic, Hyogo prefecture, and visiting professor at Kansai University of International Studies highly recommend Ivermectin as drug which can cure the initial patient affected by the corona infection.

“Our current medical condition is in an almost critical condition and many patients cannot be accommodated in the hospital. For patients who are exposed to the corona virus, it is highly recommended to drink drug Ivermectin. I have tried many of my patients and have recovered,” said Dr. Nagao this afternoon (12/8/2021) on NTV.

Professor Nagao also saw this (medicine Ivermectin) as one of the solutions among many efforts to suppress the increasing number of people infected with the corona and at risk of becoming severe.

“In the early stages it was good to drink drug the. I always give my patients drug it is, of course artificial Japan and the next day healed. I asked them to report to me daily the impact of drug and it turned out to be good, they recovered immediately,” he continued.

In addition, Dr. Nagao also appealed to the Minister of Health and PM Japan Yoshihide Suga agar drug Ivermectin immediately promoted to the public so that it is widely used among those infected with the early corona.

“So far, all of my patients are good, recovering without any problems drug mentioned. Besides that drug it is also guaranteed and included in the insurance coverage in Japan. So I think it’s not a problem and light, not much of a burden for the community Japan, “he added.

So far, the government Japan In particular, the Ministry of Health continues to monitor the use of drug Ivermectin from Japan, and there hasn’t been any decision to publicize drug in the midst of the current pandemic.

Tokyo itself this Thursday (12/8/2021) drastically increased the number of infected nearly 5000 people per day.

Last week a doctor predicted that around August 18 the number of patients infected with the corona virus in Tokyo could reach 10,000 people per day.

Professor Yoshihito Niki, Deputy Director of the Respiratory Center, Kurashiki Daiichi Hospital, Professor of Clinical Infectious Diseases, Showa University School of Medicine Japan estimates the number of infections could reach 10,000 people in Tokyo around August 18, he explained last August 6.

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