“I’ve been hitting for forty years”

In Kœnigsmacker, on March 29, a 59-year-old man hit his mother in the face to the point of disfiguring her. The story could have gone unnoticed and dissolved in the family camera if this woman of almost 80 years had not come across, by chance, the next day, two municipal police officers on patrol. Challenged by his swollen face, they question him about the origin of his injuries. Evasive, she evokes a fall on the stairs before changing her mind and accusing her son. Questioned in turn, the son does not deny having struck the blows and is placed in police custody before being released under judicial supervision. At the bar of the Thionville court, he claims that she would have hit him first in the back. Then he changes his mind: “She pissed me off”, specifying that she has “a strong character”.

“I will go shopping as before”

Yet mother and son have always lived together, forced to live together in a space of 40 m². In her declarations, the old lady said of her son: “He is calm if we let him do what he wants”. She also mentions an alcohol problem and, confiding in a neighbour, admits: “I have been hit for forty years”. However, when Marie-Cécile Dupuis, president of the court, suggests to the son to move, even though his financial situation allows him, he kicks in touch. “Since I came back (after police custody, editor’s note), I’ve been going shopping as before”.

Ten months accompanied by probation are required by the public prosecutor, as well as a ban on coming to the home and contacting the victim. Sentenced to an 8-month prison sentence suspended for two years, the 50-year-old will have to begin psychological follow-up. And move.

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