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Actor Ivan Vyskočil (75) still could not believe that his son businessman Jakub Vyskočil († 46) ended his life with a firearm on Monday night. “I will never be well again, we had an extraordinary relationship,” admitted eXtra.cz. And even though the date of the funeral has not yet been set, he already knows where the mourning ceremony will take place.

Ivan Vyskočil: Suffering

It is clear that from such a painful experience as the suicide of one’s own child, in this case the owner of the BusLine transport company, Jakub Vyskočil, no parent in the world just recovers. AT actor Ivan Vyskočil it is all the stronger because they have had extremely great relationships.

“I would love to be better. But I’m afraid I’ll probably never be better again. I will have that in me forever. We had a really special bond. I have to say that we all have very nice relationships in the family, “ sad artist.


He has no idea if the last farewell will be public or in a close family circle.

“I won’t tell you how it will be with the funeral, because we haven’t fully agreed yet. It will be in St. John’s, where he was at home. That’s near Kamýk nad Vltavou, “ added Ivan Vyskočil.

Thank you to everyone who writes to me and I am grateful for their warm support. Unfortunately, time cannot go back, but there is hope that time will heal the wounds. Thank you all Ivan

Posted by Ivan Vyskočil on Tuesday, May 10, 2022


Jakub Vyskočil died the night of Sunday to Monday. A police helicopter searched him in Písek for several hours at that time, because the family already knew about his suicide plans.

According to his father, former colleague manager Jiří Vařil may be behind his death iDnes calls “man with mob reputation”.

“The reasons there were practically what I said now. That him (Vařil – editor’s note) he did not give up and destroyed the company. He did have responsibility for society. It has almost a thousand employees there. (He cooked) for the company, but he never stood there, he just drew money from it. The son was not a white horse. He did all the work there. He only boasted of foreign feathers. He looked like a friend for a long time and we all trusted him. But he basically didn’t do anything about the company. ” stated for eXtra.cz on Monday.

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