Iván Navarro is exhibited at the Templon Gallery in New York

Last September the Templon Gallery has inaugurated its first space in New York. After opening his first gallery in the Marais in 1956, Daniel Templon has just entrusted his son, Mathieu Templon, with the conquest of the American market. It is therefore within this branch across the Atlantic that the gallery owners exhibit the work of the Chilean artist Ivan Navarroin the “Celestialand” exhibition.

Through a series of contemplative and fascinating works, Navarro invites us here to explore the immensity of the mysterious cosmic world. Based on the notion of light and electricity, the artist makes constellations and nebulae appear on various supports, from mirror etching for painting. It is also the occasion for Iván Navarro to compare the work of the hand and the industrialist with in particular different sculptures in neon. Metaphor, also, of the clash between the astral landscape and the quest for power of the human species, which tirelessly seeks to appropriate space. To be discovered until December 23rd.


Iván Navarro’s “Celestialand” exhibition at the Templon Gallery in New York.

The Earth, 2022, Neon, aluminum and electricity

Polka, 2019, Neon light, sapele, mirror, one-way mirror and electricity

Plains (Cross), 2022, Light bulbs, aluminum, plywood and electricity

Lepton I, 2022 LED, aluminum, wooden box, paint, normal mirror, one way mirror and electricity

Fortune IV, 2019, Neon, ant, wood and electricity

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