Ivan Geshev: When the prosecutor’s office in Europe investigates the chancellor, he resigns, and in our country you break the law and become chancellor

We expect that there will be no politicians to engage in personal vendettas

and war between institutions

Read here the whole interview of the Chief Prosecutor before “24 Chasa”

– Mr. Prosecutor General, the leader of “We continue the change” and a possible future Prime Minister Kiril Petkov personally called on you to resign at the end of the talks on the “Justice” sector a week ago. Will you do it?

– When Bulgarian politicians want the resignation of the Prosecutor General, it means only one thing that the Prosecutor’s Office is doing its job, and it is doing it well. It would be worrying if politicians praised me and did not demand my resignation. The meaning of the separation of powers is that the judiciary, and in particular the prosecutor’s office, have nothing to do with other authorities, with politicians outside the legally regulated powers.

Unfortunately, we obviously have a long way to go before we become a real, European, legal state, because there, when the prosecutor’s office investigates chancellors, they resign. And here it is possible to violate the constitution and eventually become chancellor

And to think

that you are completely


as the laws

apply to



but not for you. And that you are a caste chosen by God as in ancient Rome, which is clearly their ideal.

It should be clear that the prosecution will continue to strictly abide by the country’s laws and constitution and will strive for Bulgaria to be a state governed by the rule of law, part of the European family, and not Ancient Rome for a handful of God’s chosen ones.

We will try, as before, to work only in the interest of Bulgarian citizens and against those who affect and harm their legally guaranteed interests.

– Obviously you will not resign, but the Minister of Justice has already made a request that he will submit a new request for your removal, legal changes are being considered to change the SJC and elect a new one to remove you from office. What will you do?

– You also forgot the change of the constitution. I will say in principle – it contradicts the basic European standards to make constitutional and legal changes “for” or “against” an institution or “for” or “against” an individual.

It is strange to me how, on the one hand, we talk about the rule of law, and on the other – we propagate ideas that are in clear violation of the binding practice of the Constitutional Court, binding on all Bulgarian citizens, as well as fundamental constitutional and legal principles.

Of course, the prosecutor’s office as part of the law enforcement system, which includes the court, the Interior Ministry, the security services, because the prosecutor’s office does not detect crimes, but the Interior Ministry, and signals the prosecutor’s office as part of this system,

we are aware

that we owe

much more on

the Bulgarian ones


and they expect a lot from us. That is why we are ready to participate in discussions on changes and reforms, but those that are in the interest of Bulgarian society and in compliance with the commitments we have made as a country to the European Union.

We expect that the Bulgarian institutions, the Bulgarian politicians will show responsibility and will not deal with inter-institutional wars or personal vendettas, but will work together with all institutions to solve the real problems of the Bulgarian citizens.

And these real problems are the resurgence of organized crime from pre-2006 levels, the recovery of types and types of crime we have forgotten – telephone fraud, domestic crime in small towns, motor vehicle theft, home theft and much more.

At least the prosecutor’s office is determined to continue working in this direction, solely in the interest of the citizens and to interact with all institutions within its legal powers.

– So we will see you in the 47th National Assembly, when bills related to the judiciary are discussed?

– I have no problem appearing. I have always shown respect for the National Assembly, which is the highest legislative body and the highest body in a parliamentary republic.

It is a matter of respect to appear and answer questions or to participate in discussions that are in the interest of Bulgarian society and Bulgarian citizens. This is respect for the state, for statehood.

On the other side

I expect the same.

To have respect

not only to his institution, but to everyone in the country. In this way, we show that we are a European state governed by the rule of law, we show principles such as the rule of law and the separation of powers.

– There are many paintings in your office, but one of them is bigger than the others. Who is the man depicted on it?

– I am from the generation that did not study part of our history. We know a lot about heroes from Russia who took part in our liberation, who were friends of Bulgaria. This is another friend of Bulgaria that very few people know about – the 28th President of the United States Woodrow Wilson. In 1919, at the Paris Peace Conference, he defended Bulgaria and helped to a large extent not to be divided between Serbia, Greece and Romania.

And it protects the remaining in our territories of White Sea Thrace, South Dobrudzha and Tsaribrod region, unfortunately, this does not happen. But in the end, Bulgaria is not divided in the way I described. Of course, he is acquainted with our history and our realities by an American journalist, says Albert Sonicsen, who participated in and was with the Macedonian detachments of the IMRO.

This person (Woodrow Wilson – b.r.) is a friend of Bulgaria and I am glad that the Association of Prosecutors in Bulgaria and the Chamber of Investigators organized an initiative and managed to erect a monument to him in a very nice place in the garden next to the Central Department Store. He is also a Nobel laureate and delivers a speech proposing the creation of the League of Nations, the forerunner of the United Nations.

And I hope that more and more Bulgarian citizens know all their friends. With this monument, which our colleagues built together with an initiative committee, we show that Bulgarians know their history and respect their friends, all their friends.



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