Ivan did not expect such a reaction! The key man “turned his back on her”

The important person who experienced a number of unforgettable moments with the Golden Nightingale, in addition to co-owning the GoJa agency, is himself František Janeček (76). However, his explanation of why he will be missing among the VIP staff is very human and understandable. “Ivanka recently invited me to a screening of the documentary and I apologized to her because I only saw the trailer and it crushes me. I admit it. It still hurts, “Janeček explained to the Expres.cz website.

Bohdalová about Gott in Studio Blesk: Let no one touch his wife!

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“It’s a difference when you meet someone occasionally, and it’s a difference when you know someone for twenty years. We have known each other for more than fifty years and twenty years very intensively. It’s a very painful place for me. The place after it is irreversible. A singer of his type is unrepeatable and there will never be any again, “believes the influential producer, who added that no one will fill Karl’s place anymore and that he continues to regret that their paths have parted.

“We did not agree on one project. Then it happened that he received an offer from other people to represent him, and it was settled. I was sorry. I would lie and pretend. You must always feel sorry for breaking up with a giant of his type. He is a unique person, “concluded Janeček.

Janeček celebrated 75 with a constellation of congratulators! He won the premiere of The Witch!

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