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A few weeks ago, Iva Sofiyanska and Anton Bozhkov celebrated 9 years since the beginning of their married life. “If I have a hundred lives, I will find you again and I will marry you!” – This was the explanation of the journalist’s love for her husband.

The couple, who have been together since their student years, got married on June 1, 2013. The celebration took place at the Sheraton Hotel in Sofia under enhanced security and safety measures for the guests, and Lili Ivanova and Ivan took care of their good mood. Lechev and other famous Bulgarian musicians.

Iva chose her older sister Elena as her godmother, and the groom entrusted the role of godfather to his best friend Philip, with whom they grew up and studied together in London. Iva Sofiyanska decided to keep her father’s surname by adding a hyphen to her Bozhkova, HotArena reminds.

A year ago, Vasil Bozhkov’s former business partner, Tsvetomir Naidenov, revealed on Facebook that the gambling boss, who fled justice in Dubai, did not go to his son Anton’s wedding to Sofiyanska. According to Cekata, he did not respect the exciting event because of his next mistress and his family was not in the forefront.

“I see that Vasil Bozhkov talks about friends, partners, family … Yes, Manol was his friend at one time, we saw what happened. His partners were Plamen, Stoyne, Bore, Orlin, Tony, Ognyan … all to one expelled with scandals, beaten and robbed, even posthumously! In general, he doesn’t care about anyone. About the junta, yeah … for the first time “- Tsvetomir Naidenov wrote on Facebook.

There is no evidence that Vasil Bozhkov did not attend the wedding of his only child, but there are no eyewitnesses to confirm that he respected the wedding.

The daughter of the former mayor of Sofia Stefan Sofiyanski – Iva, became a mother for the first time a few months after the wedding. On October 17, 2013, their daughter Maya, named after the journalist’s mother-in-law, Bozhkov’s first wife, cried. The brunette came off the screen and was a devoted mother for 3 years. Two years after Maya, her brother Vasil appeared, who was named after his grandfather Vasil Bozhkov.

Unlike his father, whose affair with iconic beauties is legendary, Anton Bozhkov is quite a family man. He seems to be closer to the surname of his wife Iva Sofiyanska than to his father. He likes to relax with his father-in-law Stefan and mother-in-law Alice, as well as their other two daughters. This is how close friends of the young couple, who have two children, describe the son of the richest Bulgarian.

In interviews, Iva says that her husband is very kind and considerate and that he helps raise the children. She does not rely on babysitters, but handles maternity duties on her own, and only grandmothers come to the rescue. The only thing she shared that weighed on her was that when they were in Bulgaria, she had to go with security. “It’s a pity that the situation here requires it. It was quite difficult for me until I got used to it, but over time I accepted it,” the brunette explained some time ago. Her children should also be guarded.

The mayor’s daughter took care of her son for about a year, then sent him to the nursery and returned to work at Nova TV, where before the births and weddings she was part of the team of the Saturday-Sunday block “Wake up” and host of the late Friday show “Studio VIP”. After becoming a mother, she appeared on the small screen with the columns “Their stories” and “Talk to Iva” in the morning block “Wake up”, where she told stories to the children of successful people and managed to convince them to stand in front of the microphone.

And so until 2020, when the daughter of the former mayor of Sofia was fired from Nova TV. The separation was expected, and the reason was the scandals surrounding her father-in-law Vasil Bozhkov and the accusations against him. Iva spent about a year as unemployed, and in the fall of 2021 she returned on white horse to television. Stefan Sofianski’s daughter became part of the Rachkov’s Forbidden Show team, where she was in charge of the guests, but the show lasted only 3 months and its last issue was on New Year’s Eve. most likely will not return to the screen.

Currently, Bozhkova works as a publicist at a famous dermatology clinic, where she feels good, but she does not hide that she misses the vanity of showing on the small screen. At the moment, the famous heiress has no offers for appearances on television, but she hopes that in the future she will be able to arrange her own show. Some of the viewers sympathize with Sofiyanska, but her antifans are much more.



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