Iva Miteva with scandalous revelations about what is happening in the Petkov coalition

Parliamentary resistance to the attempt by the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) to interfere in academic autonomy through amendments to the State Budget Act is growing. This was said today at a meeting with the academic community of the Higher School of Telecommunications and Posts Iva Miteva – Deputy. Chairman of the National Assembly (NA).

She announced that she would deepen her commitment to the cause of quality higher education, including by resisting hastily passed texts of strategic importance, but without the necessary public discussion.

As a first step, Miteva is proposing to amend paragraph 17 of the State Budget Act, in the part that allows the government to interfere in the work of higher education institutions. In essence, it envisages a one-time allocation of BGN 20 million from the budget for universities that bring their certification rules for years to come in line with a new model proposed by the government.

The change, known as “money against re-certification”, is presented as a reform. However, the real effect of it is very negative and is expressed in the outflow of millions from the Bulgarian higher education system to foreign scientific journals, mass downgrading of professors and associate professors and will eventually force universities to merge. In the long run, the consequences will be a reduction in the number of state universities, higher prices and inaccessibility of higher education.

I am not proud of the laws we have adopted in the months since the formation of this National Assembly. The practice of making important and significant changes between the first and second voting continues. Many may say that MPs cannot amend the State Budget Act, but I remember well that when the Constitution was drafted back in 1990, MPs said that the right to legislative initiative should have the right to who feel the needs of life “, said Miteva, quoted by BNT, hours before her proposal for changes in the budget to be considered in the National Assembly (NA).

According to her, she and her colleagues were wrongallowing funds for higher education to be awarded against re-certification. However, an even bigger mistake is about to be made by the coalition councilif it binds the same funds, but this time with the Higher Education Act itself.

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“Respect for showing people the truth as it is. People need to know what is happening in the National Assembly. Yes, they watch what happens on television, but the motility of lawmaking remains misunderstood, and with such initiatives you shed light on it.

The Higher School of Telecommunications and Posts is a wonderful university and I have the honor to be part of its board of trustees, “said during the meeting Kristian Krastev, Deputy Mayor for Transport and Urban Mobility at Sofia Municipality.

The meeting was also attended by MPs from “There is such a people” (ITN) Kiril Simeonov and Momchil Ivanov, as well as the expert on education at “Democratic Bulgaria” Georgi Nyagolov.

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