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As a parliamentary group, no one is looking for us for talks. It is insulting when they turn to the parliamentary groups of the BSP and “Democratic Bulgaria” to invite them to talks, and they turn to us as individual people’s representatives, which is frivolous. This was stated in the program “Face to face” on bTV, the deputy from “There is such a people“There is such a people” is a political party in Bulgaria, created by the Bulgarian television” (ITN) and Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Iva MitevaIva MitevaIva Miteva Yordanova-Rupcheva was born on October 25, 1972 in Razgrad. She graduated from university.

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The tremors in the coalition 480

She revealed that the resigned Prime Minister Kiril Petkov called her with an offer to talk.

He wanted to meet, to talk, to explain some things. Perhaps Slavi’s post is a reaction to these calls, Miteva believes.

Slavi Trifonov: Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev, I sincerely wish you to choke on power

In her words, it is “ugly and dishonorable to pressure people’s representatives”.

If anyone wants to talk to us, we’re open to talk. We wanted to talk to them (with PP, note ed.), but no one addresses us, they are only looking for some groups and camps, she also commented.

When asked why the parliamentary group of ITN broke up, Miteva admitted that perhaps they should have talked more with each other and looked for common points of contact. However, she added that she did not believe that there were so many ambitious people.

Asen Vassilev with an appeal to the MPs from ITN

Iva MitevaIva MitevaIva Miteva Yordanova-Rupcheva was born on October 25, 1972 in Razgrad. She graduated from university shared that they are ready to give “Continuing Change” a second chance, but they don’t want it. However, he assured that if they are invited for talks, “they will definitely show up”.

We should not only look for the enemy, but also look for unification, she pointed out.

In conclusion, Miteva emphasized that in new elections, voter turnout will be even lower than the previous ones, which will lead to an even more fragmented and difficult parliament to work with.

Terziyski from PP: It is in Bulgaria’s interest to have a working government immediately

Everyone should try to form a cabinet and start working in the interest of the people, concluded the deputy chairman of the National Assembly.

Vladimir Vassilev


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