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Itziar Gómez: “We are concerned about the wine industry” | Radio Pamplona

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It expresses the minister of Rural Development of the Government Foral in an appearance in parliament to explain the measures to alleviate the crisis caused by the coronavirus: “We are concerned especially in the sector of wine.” Itziar Gómez announces that in the period of one month shall be approved by the Ministry of Agriculture a royal decree that will be available to the industry measures of regulation of the market. Among these measures is provided the private storage, crisis distillation and the green harvesting, with a budget of 74 million euros. The counselor explains that Navarra has participated “actively”, along with the rest of Communities, in the elaboration of this decree in two sectoral meetings. And announces that this week the department has convened the wine sector“, to analyze observations to this draft, and especially to unify positions in the hearing procedure that has provided for the Ministry.

In addition, Gomez anticipates that “it will be necessary to launch complementary measures on the part of the Government of Navarra that will be agreed upon with the wine sector” of the Community.

From the parliamentary opposition, the representative of Navarre Sum, Miguel Bujanda, states that the aid cited by the councilor in its allusion to the decree prepared by the Ministry, “you can complete” from autonomy. And expressed doubts about the scope that you can have the amount of the aid announced. According to Bujanda, aid 74 million euros, which puts Europe for the three measures relating to the wine, can be very scarce, because, he says, “it is only with the crisis distillation in Spain we are talking of 400 million euros”, so he put in doubt the ability to “mitigate” the economic problems of the sector with these amounts.

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