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At present, there is a tendency to eat live, raw food such as live crabs. Ass. Prof. (Special) Dr. Siam Sirinthonpanya, Head of Gastrointestinal Diseases Division Group of Internal Medicine Rajavithi Hospital He stressed to Hfocus that if the crabs are removed, they will show they have parasites, have found pathogens, and will be at risk for diarrhea. The oysters that people love to eat also have hidden pathogens, which can be a risk of infection. therefore he has found patients more often nowadays

Ass. Prof. (Special) Dr. Siam Explain that there are 2 types of diarrhea: 1. Acute diarrhea. Most of them are caused by the consumption of unclean food. Do this for a long time until the germs create toxins, food poisoning or seafood have no pathogens. Or even taking certain medications can stimulate excretion more. Found both bacteria and viruses. In children, rotavirus and norovirus are more common in children. Since children’s immunity is weaker than adults, they are more prone to infections. And adults also have better immunity to the virus. It can also be found in adults with weak immune systems, such as elderly patients. and patients taking drugs to suppress the immune system 2. Chronic diarrhea such as irritable bowel syndrome have abnormal bowel constriction, which causes excretion Both constipation and diarrhea may be present. often have diarrhea for a long time The doctor will diagnose when the patient has had diarrhea for a long time and has no other major cause. No infection, no drug induced, no tumor. No hormonal problems

for the belief that If diarrhea occurs, it must be completely excreted. Ass. Prof. (Special) Dr. Siam He said it depends on what is causing the defecation or diarrhea. If caused by toxins, it eats waste when it is completely excreted. The patient will be cured. But if a lot of toxins and then completely expel the excretion. The patient’s body can be bad because he loses a lot of water and minerals. In addition, those who have symptoms of infection in weak patients, have a fever, excrete into the blood. it will not be allowed to expel to the end because the body cannot get rid of the germs

“Current diarrhea. If not severe, it is symptomatic treatment. Avoiding hard-to-digest foods drink extra salty water. Can take medications to absorb toxins to help in cases with indications such as fever, excretion, bloody mucus. Must also use disinfectants. However much. It’s about pills to stop defecation, eating is not recommended. Unless you take a lot of pictures. Patient lost a lot of water until doctor was sure they don’t have a serious infection that damages intestinal tissue “If you have these symptoms, your doctor may prescribe an antiseptic to stop bowel movements. ” Ass. Prof. (Special) said Dr. Siam.

Health care during diarrhea Ass. Prof. (Special) Dr. Siam Explain it while diarrhea The intestinal mucosa is poorly digested or absorbed. The foods recommended during diarrhea must be easy to digest, clean, easily absorbed foods such as polenta, polenta, vegetable, sticky, spicy, spicy, oily foods, must be avoided because they are difficult to digest. When eaten, it causes bloating and abdominal distension. Milk is also not recommended during diarrhea. Because milk is a difficult food to digest. There may be a lack of digestive juices in our body at the time of diarrhea. Digestive juices also lose their function. poor digestion of milk.Consumption of milk during diarrhea can cause bloating, abdominal distension, nausea and vomiting, which can increase diarrhea.Also, fruit juices should not be drunk because they are high in sugar and are difficult to digest. Fruits and vegetables should therefore be avoided until they are cured. will have the right amount of mineral salt Can drink instead of water, especially for patients who cannot eat. But don’t drink salt water for athletes with different sodium content.

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