“It’s tough on Sanju, but Laxman is a good man and he wouldn’t do it on purpose” – Sanju Samson

Hamilton: Sanju Samson’s absence from the eleven in play in the second ODI against New Zealand led to major criticism. From fans to ex-footballers, they took sides against the management’s decision. The whole protest by the fans was against VVS Laxman, the temporary head coach of the team, and the captain Shikhar Dhawan. Dhawan, who did not specify the reason for Sanju Samson’s elimination after the draw, had to explain it when he spoke after leaving the match.

“The decision was to play six bowlers. So Sanju left Samson and was replaced by Deepak Hooda. Deepak Chahar was included because he can swing the ball well. The team is stronger if there are fewer people in bench. This shows the depth of our team.” – said Shikhar Dhawan. But even after this the fans are not content. The fans came to support Sanju, even in the venue of the football world cup.

Meanwhile, former Indian player Murali Karthik has come to support the coach and captaincy. While admitting that Sanju’s firing was a drastic step, he also explained his reasons for supporting the coach and captain. “The team needs bowling options. Unfortunately for India, the top six are not bowlers. For Sanju Samson, the decision is known to be tough. He scores a beautiful score. He batted well in the series against the South Africa. So the natural thing to do is to keep him in the team. But Sanju was out for the sole reason that Deepak Hooda was bowling. Then that decision is right,” said Murali Karthik.

Karthik said this is also the case with Shardul Thakur. He played well, but he too had to stay out. Karthik says VVS Laxman is a very good man and he doesn’t think he would do it on purpose. If they decide to follow the same strategy in the 3rd ODI, the fans will be disappointed that Sanju Samson will have to be eliminated. India-New Zealand 3rd ODI at The Oval on Wednesday.

English Summary: Murali Karthik defends VVS Laxman from criticism for dropping Samson

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