It’s spoiled! “Cristiano Ronaldo copies Grand P …”, this surprising image of the 2 stars unleashes Internet users (Photo)

Grand P enters a little more into history every day!

Despite having had a difficult start, the Guinean singer no longer has to prove himself.

Her music and especially her highly commented relationship with the Ivorian bimbo Eudoxie Yao has helped to increase her popularity on social networks.

And every day, a “new file” helps to generate a little more buzz around the star to the more than 4 million subscribers on Facebook.

This is the case of a publication that has been unleashing Internet users for a few hours.

In this incredible image, we see Grand P alongside football legend Cristiano Ronaldo. But the detail that commands attention and raises questions remains the pose of the two stars.

While Grand P is used to often clasping his hands over his photos, to everyone’s surprise, the Portuguese international, all smiles, had the same gesture.

“Cristiano Ronaldo copies Grand P, it’s a star business!”, Can we read in the caption of the publication.

An opinion which is unanimous on the web. “Really it’s a matter of stars”.


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