It’s scary to look … Mom of Peter Chernyshev showed her son exhausted by antidepressants

A sad look, bruises under the eyes: everything indicates that the skater is suffering greatly.

Recently, Peter Chernyshev due to the illness of his wife Anastasia Zavorotnyuk had a very difficult time. In fact, all family responsibilities fell on his shoulders, including the constant care of Anastasia. Not everyone can bear such a burden.

Some people require aids to cope with a difficult psychological state. Perhaps Peter had to resort to them. So, the mother of Peter Chernyshev showed her son exhausted by antidepressants. From an enviable handsome man with gorgeous hair and a radiant smile, he turned into a haggard man who is scared to look at. Big bruises under the eyes, an unkempt look, liquid as if dirty hair, a crazy look, all this gives out Chernyshev’s difficult state of mind, which is now very difficult to recognize.

Apparently, the experience of the possible loss of his beloved wife brought Peter to moral exhaustion. Mom, judging by the text with congratulations on his birthday, is very worried about her son and is trying hard to support him. However, pain from what is happening, apparently, can not calm down any words.

Tatyana Navka in her congratulations also posted photos that clearly show his suffering. Everything is the same on them: an exhausted look, attempts to hide anxiety, stress, emotional and physical exhaustion behind a fake smile. It seems that Anastasia’s illness struck not only her, but also Peter, who suffers, judging by her appearance, no less than she herself.

Perhaps his feelings for her were so strong that even the thought that he could lose the love of his life rolled through his heart like a bulldozer. However, in spite of all this misfortune, Zavorotnyuk gave him a piece of herself – her little daughter Milu.



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