its permeance in reality is in the balance, that’s what happened

Carmen Di Pietro’s eldest son, Alessandro Iannoni could say goodbye to the reality show of Isola dei Famosi 16.

The young Roman Alessandro Iannonieldest son of Giuseppe Iannoni and Carmen Di Pietro with which he participated as a couple in the sixteenth edition ofIsola Dei Famosi, could say goodbye prematurely to the Canale 5 reality show.

Isola dei Famosi, Alessandro Iannoni: his permeance in reality is in the balance

As reported by Deianira Marzano on Instagram, the son of Pietro’sundoubtedly one of the protagonists of the current edition ofIsola, it may not accept the extension of the program, which is scheduled to end on June 27th. In fact, over the last few days, all the competitors have been made aware of the postponement of the final date and are free to decide whether to continue or leave the game, without paying any penalty. To persuade Alessandro a close friend of the young Roman would have even flown to Honduras, whose reasons that would push him to leave the reality show have not yet been clarified.

“Tomorrow is the last day to sign the island contract to decide whether to continue or not. In Honduras even Alessandro’s friend, who doesn’t want to sign, to convince him!” It can be read from the profile of Deianira Marzano.

In the case of Alessandro should leave early, theIsola it would certainly lose one of its most beloved competitors. Submittedly, over the weeks, the young Roman conquered a large slice of the public, thanks to his indisputable sympathy and kindness. A mild character and not very accustomed to conflicts that is appreciated by viewers and by most of his fellow adventurers, except for Lory Del Santo who recently spoke of him as a “ghost” competitor:

“He doesn’t talk, he sits there, he eats when his mother feeds him – said Lory – He’s a good person, also available, but I’ve never heard him make a speech. He’s a defective type, he’s not a defect but a feature. In two months in half, I tried many times to talk to him and he speaks in monosyllables, he doesn’t integrate. He has to join a strong group, otherwise where is he going? I realized it existed “.

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