“It’s not fair”: New York woman criticizes $ 100 incentives for those who get the coronavirus vaccine | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

late, I have the detailsto make plans with thefamily, came back with you.hope: encouragesvaccination with $ 100 atpeople to put it on,initiative was very goodmoment, since the variantdelta continues to spread.damaris íaz felt her pulse andin speaking of what he found.damaris: on our tourwe found residents in favorand against the initiative ofnew york offering indollars to the people whoput the first dose of theone against covid19.>> they didn’t give me, I don’t need it.>> it’s not fair that forsave your life I have toto pay.damaris: that initiative is comingafter the cdc reportsthat 83% of new caseson the ground.are responsible issues betweenunvaccinated people.delta is as contagious aschickenpox.>> I advise everyoneworld please getthe vaccine, paying one paying.damaris: univision 41 newshe communed with oneinfectologist, who addresses thevaccine theme.odds are rare afterimmunization.>> we have to avoida variant and the wayavoid variants is that thepatient is vaccinated.the chances are slim.dam words road laDoctor Peña from the network are the,with whom we converse.>> # get to a mutacon whereit is more effective asvirus, that is, it will invadewings.you are contagious, apical wingsand you’re smarter.that is why it is important thatwe are covered with the vaccine.damaris: even though 2100people got the firstdose of the vaccine today andreceived a card$ 100, there are those who still oppose.risk your life on something thathas no chance ofknow the future.damaris: what do you have fortell people thatthey are waiting for the besttime to get vaccinated?>> the time is now, becausetomorrow or in seconds your lifehe could be in danger.damaris: new yorkersthey will have to go to the sites ofvaccination administered by thecity.


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