“It’s not easy, he spent a year and a half in intensive care …”. Mara Venier moved

Mara Venier, Maria De Filippi in tears on Domenica In: “It’s not easy, it was a year and a half in intensive care …». Today, the presenter of Tu Si Que Vales, super guest of the Rai1 program, talked about herself with an open heart, touching on very intimate topics, such as her father’s illness. Disappeared when she was 28.

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«To my father – he says Maria De Filippipancreatic cancer was diagnosed. He was operated on and then went to intensive care for some complications. He was there for a year and a half“. Pronouncing these words, the presenter is moved to tears. “It’s not easy … For a year and a half we went on like this, I went to visit my father and my brother stayed in the parking lot because he was afraid of hospitals. This thing has devastated us. Then he went out and we made two attempts at a rehabilitation clinic. He died suddenly on an August evening».

And he concludes: “These pains accompany you throughout your life, you learn to live together and metabolize them». Mara Venier moved.

Last update: Sunday 11 October 2020, 17:46



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