“It’s just a game, you have won 5-6 times”

Dancing with the Stars, the day after the final controversy is wasted and it is a clash between Paolo Conticini e Raimondo Todaro. It all started in the early afternoon, when the Tuscan actor, competing in the competition together with the dancer Veera Kinnunen, a Sunday In he declared: “I have been myself, without inventing love stories or anything like that.”

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The statements of Paolo Conticini on Domenica In they certainly did not go unnoticed. Many users, on social media, have seen in the words of the Tuscan actor, who came in second place and surpassed only by Gilles Rocca with Lucrezia Lando, an attack not too hidden towards Raimondo Todaro and Elisa Isoardi. According to many users, in fact, the TV host and the dancer would have played a little too much on their relationship, simulating a flirtation.

Raimondo Todaro he therefore wanted to point out on Instagram Stories, sending a clear message to Paolo Conticini and also recalling a statement by Ivan Zazzaroni who, unaware of having the microphone open, had murmured: «They must win 5-0». In his ‘story’, the professional dancer of Ballando did not send them to tell the actor. «Dear Paolo, both me and Elisa Isoardi we have always declared that we have never seen each other outside the studies … if someone thinks it is not true, it is not up to us “- writes a furious Raimondo Todaro – “The truth is that you were the favorite and if you didn’t win it’s certainly not our fault, on the contrary … listen carefully to the words of Ivan Zazzaroni who, unbeknownst to him, had the microphone open … Next time, rinse yourself before speaking the mouth…”.

“To you the comment,” he wrote on Instagram Stories Paolo Conticini, once consulted by Raimondo Todaro, before articulating a long answer. «Dear Raimondo, I am surprised by this statement of yours, I think dictated by the nervousness for yesterday’s elimination. I don’t understand why you make it personal when I say that Veera and I didn’t need to invent love stories. As for you and Elisa, I NEVER believed there was anything between you outside the dance. You could see kilometers away that there was nothing at all »- writes the actor -« If there was someone who thought it, it means that he had a lot of imagination. As for Zazzaroni’s words, I think they are more than obvious: there was a direct confrontation and the jury had to choose a couple. Who should they have chosen? You are a professional and you should know that. Yes, I was one of the favorites but I think not more than you that without dancing or dancing a little, you made it to the final. It’s just a Raimondo game and I think you’ve won it 5-6 times ».

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