“It’s huéon, I can’t understand what the hell he has in his head!”: Sepúlveda out of control against Conte | sports

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Journalist Rodrigo Sepúlveda exploded against Antonio Conte after Inter Milan will be eliminated from the Champions League at the hands of Shakhtar Donetsk of Ukraine. “I can’t understand what the fuck is on his mind,” he said.

“This is a failure in capital letters. We are not talking that it is something that can be smoothed out ”, he began by saying.

The communicator, through his YouTube channel, tore the Italian coach to pieces.

“The great and for me the great responsible for this elimination is called Antonio Conte, there is no other. It has no explanation. You have no chance of analysis after what you did today. I, the Inter leader, immediately removed him from the club, ”he said.

But he did not stop there and continued: “Conte hurt Inter. It is so serious what he did today if he had not played with Alexis Sánchez that he realizes in minute 74 when he enters, until the end of the game, that he was the most different guy than the rest ”.

Then he began to criticize Conte more harshly.

“He’s a asshole Conte, You will forgive my expression. Do you know what conclusion I draw? It is that he would have wanted Inter not to win. From my point of view Alexis was from the beginning ”, he affirmed.

“If he is so horny that he takes Lautaro out, A guy who can define the game for you, takes it out at min 84 and puts it in Eriksen! ”, he added, notably angry.

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“I can’t understand what the fuck is on Conte’s head. The anger that I have contained is so much because I cannot understand it ”, analyze.

“He puts his most different player at ’74. He’s a dick, he’s a jerk, he’s a jerk Conte. It has no other definition ”, believes the Chilean journalist.


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