It’s good that I’m playing well. Krejčíková climbs the world rankings

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

“I actually only had seven days to adapt. On Sunday I went to train and on Monday everything was closed due to what is happening in connection with the covid. And I was not able to go to court on Thursday until Thursday,” Krejčíková said.

Her qualifying performance was nevertheless sovereign. She didn’t stay much with Slovinka Juvanová, not even on Sunday with the Swiss Teichmannová. If it weren’t for the success of Roland Garros and a number of unregistered players, Krejčíková might not have been able to participate in the qualification.

“It was lucky, I promised a free card, but it’s never that simple,” said the 24-year-old tennis player, who fulfills the old truth that Czechs mature on the courts a little later.

Kristýna Plíšková ends. The Czech derby was dominated by Krejčíková

The former charge of Jana Novotná and the two-time grand slam champion in doubles with Kateřina Siniaková is finally gaining ground in singles as well. In recent months, Krejčíková has undergone a psychological transformation, which has been reflected in her performances in Paris, thanks to which, for the first time in her career, she has broken through among the 100 best players – in 85th position. And advancing to the second round in Ostrava sent her even higher in the virtual ranking: to 76th place!

“You only improve if you can play with the best. It’s also a reward for me. It’s good that I play well,” Krejčíková smiled.

At thirty-one, he faces the invasion of a new generation. What will the former world number one show in Ostrava?

Now she is waiting for her former world number one and recent US Open finalist Viktoria Azarenková in Ostrava.

“It will be a tough match with Vika, I don’t have the opportunity to compete with such a player every week. She has a lot of grand slams, full of won tournaments.

Its shift not only in the Czech ranking but also seems to be hindered.


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