It’s fun, Pertamina’s gasoline is now lower in price, so this is the price tag throughout Indonesia


It’s cool that Pertamina’s gasoline is now dropping in price, see the list of official prices throughout Indonesia – It’s fun, Petamina’s gasoline price has dropped, this is the price tag throughout Indonesia.

Good news for the usual content Fuel Oil (BBM) using the product pertamina.

The reason, the state-owned company is lowering one of its gasoline products.

Pertamina has revised the price of one of its products starting last Saturday (2/10/2021).

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Previously, in mid-September 2021, Pertamina also raised the price of RON 98 fuel.

From the initial price of Rp. 9,850, to Rp. 12,300.

Then, in the latest revision now, the price dropped by Rp. 300 to Rp. 12,000.

For information, Pertamina’s gasoline product which has decreased in price is non-subsidized fuel.

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