It’s free, this platform provides free services for MSMEs to go online – Indonesia and the rest of the world are still facing impacts pandemic Covid-19. It is undeniable that at this time, the economic sector is one of the most affected, starting from the difficulty of finding employment opportunities, the large number of Work termination (Layoffs) until the threat of a recession.

Even though it is a big challenge, this pandemic can also be a great business opportunity as well. Not a few have started online businesses, ranging from selling food, clothing to other products.

Seeing the trend of increasing public demand during a pandemic and competition between businesses UMKM which is getting tighter, each business actor needs to design a special strategy to survive this pandemic.

In line with the anxiety and challenges that exist in the world of online business, software as a service or SaaS service company – Avana tries to help businesses and MSMEs run and develop their business more effectively and efficiently.

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Avana Country Manager, Queenseca said that his company supports businesses to be able to digitally optimize their business.

“Only through one system, business actors can sell on various sales channels, from websites to social media such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, and Telegram,” Queenseca said, via a press release received by, Friday (9 / 10/2020).

Since 2016, Avana has been home to more than 100,000 businesses to market their products globally.

Avana itself has more than 20 features that can facilitate digital business management, including product and stock management, online store website creation, social media integration to reseller management.

“With a more efficient business, the achievement of expected business growth can be more predictable without having to invest in additional assets and other resources. Simplifying sales in various sales channels is one strategy to grow the business using only one system,” he concluded.

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People can use this service by logging in and registering on Avana’s official website.

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