It’s evil, but boy! Revealing details of “Bully 21” that “twins E” was accused (pictures)

It is still notorious for the E-women’s volleyball twins of the South Korean national team.newsNotorious across the country and the Asian rubber ball to yesterday.

Recently, a message from a mysterious person claiming to be the twins’ elementary-middle school teammates. Identify himself with more than 4 other Bully twins. Bullying both physically and mentally Until almost the point of suicide With an illustration of a graduation from Jeonju Geun Young School Which is the same school that the twins had attended

A friend’s graduation leaves that unfolded the story and a picture of the E twins as a student.sportSchool in 2010

By the content of the letter The former youth volleyball woman detailed his frustrations with a long cast of 21 items.

“It’s been 10 years since I thought I could forget it. But it seems that they are not looking back at what they have done. Your words reminded of my old memories, so I gathered the courage to write this article. And hopefully they’ll take a look at themselves, not just me, but more than 4 victims who have been treated like this.

1. After turning off the lights to go to bed Twins often order that to do this. When everyone was tired, they asked politely. But when persisting more often The twins have used a knife to intimidate.
2. I live in a dorm room in front of the school. My parents told me not to bring anyone to the room. But the twins brought a horde of friends here. And lied to my parents that I was the one who brought them even though the twins actually brought them by themselves
3. The twins used to drive others further away. Because they hate body odor

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4. When the twins parents buy snacks for the team The twins will whisper and say, “Don’t eat, otherwise you’ll die!”
5. When the team loses The twins will force everyone to hold a squat in the room for a very long time.
6. Twins often extort other people’s money. With a pinch on the stomach and a punch in the head if not allowing

7. But the other money the twins took. They are going to buy snacks and eat only two of them.
8.The twins know their friends. So afraid of you So he likes to pretend to call the name over and over and ask, “Why do you think I called it?” And then laughs. And said they were just kidding
9. When the twins are in a bad mood They often swear words at other people on a regular basis.

10. When the twins are angry with someone Will touch upon his parents with profanity
11. When the twins have called and either do not respond or go to look for They will pinch the stomach. Even asking you to stop, it had no effect. Because they will pinch until they cry
12. When someone buys new pants The twins are put first. If the person will wear first or don’t want the twins to take it The twins will be deposited with the senior. Which the twins would say If you want it, get it back yourself.

13.The twins used to pour their own rice into a friend’s soup bowl. If the person shows signs of dissatisfaction The twins hit their faces with napkins.
14. Time on the team bus If someone accidentally touches the twins They would strike back with their fists. There are times to punch in the chest as well.
15. When practicing, the twins will hit every friend who makes a low sound when hitting the ball.

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16. When the parents of the twins come to me They will act next to their parents. But when other people’s parents come to see them, others begging their parents. The twins will be cursed and beaten later.
17.The twins force their friends to hold knee pads. If any day friends forget They will say “I want it now! If you can’t find it I will kill you! “
18.The twins force one of their friends to give themselves a daily massage.

19.The twins used to take other people’s money, claiming that their seniors had told them, but actually they didn’t order them. The twins used their seniors as an excuse to get other people money.
20.The twins absolutely do not let anyone into the locker room. But the twins can bring others into the locker room by themselves.
21.Twins tend to force others. Breaking rules or something bad together So that you don’t feel that you are doing bad things alone

The 24-year-old E-family is a future volleyball player in South Korea. They have joined the national team from the youth level to the first team. Their mother, Kim Kyung-Hee Mi, is also a former national volleyball player. The parents of the teammates at the time revealed that the mother of the twins was given the privilege of the other parents. By often interfering with the team And thus the twins were given more privileges in school than other children as well


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