“It’s a mountain over a mountain…” Console users who buy’Safeng’ full of bugs and suffer from refunds

CDPR <사이버펑크 2077>(Hereinafter Safeng 2077) promised a refund. Bugs and crashes prevalent in the game (Error number CE-34878-0, etc.). But without using gog or steam As a physical package (CD) or digital download (DL) <사펑 2077>Console users who have purchased the product are struggling with a refund

On the 14th, an overseas PS user <사펑 2077>Requested a refund. However, the response I received from the SIE was “There will be a big patch in January and February, so please wait.” Users who were refused a refund paid the full price to purchase the game, but they had no choice but to wait for the patch or refer to the game with bugs. Several cases of requesting a refund from SIE Korea and rejecting it have also been confirmed in the domestic internet community.

CDPR’s apology “If you do not want to wait for the update, you can request a refund,” he said. “If you purchase digitally, please use the refund system on PSN and Xbox.” However, after the announcement, console users share mixed reviews such as “received refund” and “did not receive refund”. <사펑 2077>Is a third party game on PS and Xbox. DL similar to mobile market Even if the game was purchased by the method, the refund process, etc., takes place in the console store.

In the PSN store If the game you purchased is defective, you can request a refund within 14 days from the date of purchase, if the game has not been streamed. Users who purchase the game in the form of pre-order can cancel the purchase before the official release date, but after the release dateIf you start a random download, you cannot get a refund.

Currently, SIE’s terms and conditions do not stipulate a refund policy for the case of pre-orders and downloads, but the purchased game is defective.

According to Forbes reports, on PS4 <사펑 2077>When I run it, it drops to 15fps at 720p. It is the main opinion that it is difficult to believe that it is a 2020 game.​ In addition, as there have been many reports of bugs affecting gameplay, it is pointed out that there should be no users who cannot receive a refund due to a hole in the terms and conditions. Moreover, SIE wiry It is reported to have had a software quality assurance (QA) process.

SIE’s PSN Refund Policy

In the case of Xbox, you can exchange questions and answers with an agent on My Page online. <사펑 2077>There are several reports of receiving a refund of Among them, even after running the game <사펑 2077>It is confirmed that there are users who received a refund.

But there are variables on the Xbox. Immediately <사펑 2077> Limited Edition Xbox One X Because there is. This device has <사펑 2077>Since I am registered with this code, Users who are dissatisfied with anomalies such as bugs are not receiving refunds.

Note that <사펑 2077> Those who want a CD refund By December 21st, send an inquiry email to [email protected] and proceed with the procedure.

Who endured 3 acting in 2020 <사펑 2077> Console users. Whatever device you use, Get money backOr apply next year’s patch again I had a waiting time.

<사펑 2077> Limited Edition Xbox One X


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