“It’s a media circus and a lynch.” Bek Cadiz vehemently denied alleged racism

Cádiz defender Juan Cala strongly denied racist insulting Mouctar Diakhaby of Valencia in Sunday’s match of the Spanish football league. He called his accusations “public lynch” and “media circus”.

Cala got into a conflict with Diakhaby in the first half. The French dark-skinned defender reacted indignantly to Cal’s remark and told the referee that his opponent had racistly insulted him. Valencia footballers left the field in protest, to which they returned after about 20 minutes, when the referee warned them that they could receive a penalty.

At today’s online press conference, 31-year-old Cala refused to racistly insult Diakhaby. In the dispute over the ball, he allegedly only told him “let me be”. “I don’t know what he thought I was saying, whether he overheard or made up something. But I just told him to let me go,” Cala said.

“What happened next is a media circus, a public lynching. It would be best if we were in the same room with (Diakhaby) explaining what happened. Instead, it’s a circus. I was convicted before the match was over. , “said Cala, who contributed the first goal to Cádiz ‘s 2: 1 victory.

He pointed out that there was no audio evidence of the alleged racist insult. “We’ve been playing in stadiums without fans for over a year. There are 20 or 25 cameras and who knows how many microphones and none of them caught it. So there would be at least doubts about what happened,” Cala said.

Mouctar Diakhaby insists that Cala insulted him racistly.



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