“It’s a disgrace.” The Prague part is suing the owner of the Vyšehrad railway station

At the end of this week, the roof of the listed building began to sag. “Representatives of the second part of the city refuse to accept the catastrophic condition of the building of the former Vyšehrad railway station and the complete inactivity of the current owner. After the current investigation at the site of the building, when a significant violation of the roof structure was found, the city district filed a criminal complaint for a general threat, “confirmed the city district.

Since 2007, the Art Nouveau building of the railway station has been in the hands of a private investor, the company RailCity Vyšehrad. However, it does not care about the building and does not communicate at all with the City Hall of Prague 2. “The Prague 2 Building Authority issued a decision ordering, among other things, the implementation of effective measures against climatic influences, in particular covering the roof, in order to eliminate leaks into the house and further devastation of the building. However, the owner of the building does not respect the regulation, so the building authority will continue to proceed within the law and will recover the funds spent on securing the building from the owner, “said the town hall.

See how Vyšehrad railway station turned out:

“It simply came to our notice then. The condition of this listed building is alarming and the owner’s approach is politely shameful, “said Mayor Jana Černochová (ODS). “Negotiations between the municipality and the private owner have been going on for years and they are also going nowhere. The mayor (Prague Zdeněk Hřib – editor’s note) will not reply to our official letter for seven months. We therefore turned to the bodies active in criminal proceedings and filed a criminal complaint, and we are dealing with the matter along the lines of the state administration. We are ready to take drastic steps that will lead to the rescue of this monument and one of the dominants of Prague 2. “

In her opinion, the city district of Prague 2 had the risky object secured as far as possible.

The city would like to acquire the building of the railway station, but negotiations are not yet successful and the municipality is also considering expropriation. Prague Councilor for Property Jan Chabr (TOP 09) has previously told the ČTK agency that the owner demanded either too high a price or in exchange for building land, with which the municipality already has other intentions. According to earlier statements, the owner wanted 117 million crowns, the municipality could offer only 67 million based on an expert opinion. RailCity Vyšehrad has not been commented on in the media for a long time, it is based in the station building.

The railway station is not owned by the city district, Prague 2 still secured the surroundings of the building with barriers to ensure the protection of the inhabitants. “The station building will also be under increased supervision by the city police,” added Černochová.

The building was built between 1904 and 1905, the operation of the station was stopped around 1960. In private hands is the building, which was declared a cultural monument in 2000, since 2007. Restoration of the original function is not possible because modern standards do not allow to place the station in a bend. . The city is planning a train stop on Výtoň instead.

As Prague 2 describes the development of the situation around the former Vyšehrad railway station:

· The owner of the building of the former Vyšehrad railway station has been a private investor since 2007,

· The new owner refused to communicate with the Prague 2 town hall and solve the dilapidated condition of the building,

· The Prague 2 Building Authority conducted several administrative proceedings with the owner of the building – without a response,

– the lack of interest of the owners was also encountered by the efforts of Prague 2 to purchase the building; the city district was interested in buying the building, renovating it and using its premises as a cultural center – for example, a gallery, café, library; one of the proposals was the location of Mucha’s epic,

· Prague 2 turned several times to the municipality, which has greater competence in the matter – without result,

· Due to the inactivity of the municipality and the owner of the building, Prague 2 itself decided to solve the situation of general threat,

· Filed a criminal complaint for general threat,

· Deploy security barriers around the building and take other security measures in the vicinity of the complex,

· The city district called statics to assess the condition of the building; on friday the condition of the former Vyšehrad railway station was assessed and stated that the temporary measures are sufficient from the point of view of safety

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