ITN with a new move – will boycott committees in parliament if they do not get more seats


ITN will reconsider its behavior in parliament because it is a matter of honor, Deputy Parliament Speaker Iva Miteva told BTV.

“We have been harmed in the commissions from the very beginning. There is no way for the BSP with 25 MPs to have three deputies and we to have two. The gesture we made at the beginning of the work of the National Assembly is not understood,” Miteva said. She explained that ITN representatives will not join the commissions until justice is restored.

Yes, the coalition is difficult. We saw what happened to Lubomir Karimanski, Miteva continued. Her comment comes two days after ITN’s candidate for BNB governor was not elected and only ITN and MRF voted for him.

We do not shake hands with anyone, but we do not agree to humiliate people. We have seen what happened to Mr Karimanski and it is very telling. I have attended many coalition councils and I myself have talked to many colleagues from both parliamentary groups and our coalition partners, and I have not heard a word against Mr Karimanski, on the contrary, I have heard support. Even on the sidelines I heard support from BSP colleagues, and we saw what happened
“A new procedure for the head of the BNB is forthcoming. But procedural rules must be adopted again, we are starting from the beginning. Our candidate will again be Karimanski, definitely,” Iva Miteva added.

Lubomir Karimanski will file a lawsuit against Deputy Prime Minister Asen Vassilev, as he feels affected by his words, said Iva Miteva of ITN.
“On a radio, a deputy prime minister allowed himself to say that Mr. Karimanski had signed a document stealing BGN 1 million from a bank employee. You can’t throw mud at people like that. This cannot be done so easily and that is why it is our judicial system. I hope she will give the answers to all questions, “said Iva Miteva.

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