Italy-Spain, Chiellini: “There is regret”. Chiesa: “Bonucci’s first detective story wasn’t there”

The blues between bitterness and some criticism of the referee: “The red is a blow” says the Juve forward. Sure Pellegrini: “I have not seen a superior Spain, unfavorable episodes”

“The expulsion was a good blow, the first yellow to Bonucci was not there”. Words by Federico Chiesa, author against Spain of yet another test full of heart and determination. The blue then underlined: “A severe decision, it is the first time that I have seen two yellow cards given in such a simple way. Besides, Leo is the captain of Italy, he has the right to ask for explanations”. A knockout that puts an end to the record streak of consecutive matches without a defeat. “We have not only lost the game, but also the record. We knew that sooner or later this moment would come and it happened this time. This defeat will not stop us, we carry with us the desire to always run and to give everything to the end for the Italians and for Mancini “.


A defeat that does not allow the Azzurri to access the final on Sunday, where the Iberians will be there. “But I have not seen a superior Spain – says Lorenzo Pellegrini, author of the goal of hope -. We are very sorry, because we could have done well. Unfortunately, these matches are also decided with episodes and they were not in our favor”. A knockout that in any case does not change the group’s plans, at least not for the Roma director: “We proved to be a group, a family, we believed in it until the end. Future? Spain will be one of the favorites in Qatar, we will meet again. there to play the World Cup. We can’t wait already. “


There is also some regret in the words of the captain, Giorgio Chiellini, who entered the second half to try to stem the tide Roja: “Sorry to have lost in Milan, but there is pride in the streak of results. We knew it was about a difficult match, Spain are a strong team and this is nothing new. ” The mistake, perhaps, was having faced Spain with their own game: “Today we were hasty, we should have accepted the quality of Spain and played accordingly, with greater clarity. The referee? more about what we did wrong, so as not to repeat ourselves in the future “. Yes, because in three days we are back on the pitch: “On Sunday we will try to have a good match in Turin, and then prepare for the November match against Switzerland: we have to take the World Cup”.



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