Italy. Record seizure of drugs at the port of Salerno

The Italian Financial Guard confiscated 14 tonnes of drugs at the port of Salerno with a black market value of one billion euros. 84 million intoxicating pills produced in Syria by jihadists of the so-called Islamic State were hidden in large rolls of paper.

Drugs were smuggled into three container ships that docked at the port of Salerno in southern Italy.

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The intoxicating captagon pills (phenetiline, also called the drug of the so-called Islamic State), were hidden in large rolls of paper and in industrial machines, built in such a way that scanners could not detect their contents – Italian services informed on Wednesday. They did not indicate where the ship with this transport came from.

The drugs were hidden in rolls of paper and in industrial machines FINANCE GUARD / PAP / EPA

Italian investigators emphasized that this is the largest confiscation of amphetamine produced by jihadists in the world.

The commander of a special unit of the Financial Guard from Naples, Captain Domenico Napolitano, told the media that an investigation was underway against the clan of the local mafia, kamorra, who deal with drug smuggling.

Italian services have not informed where the hidden drug ship came from FINANCE GUARD / PAP / EPA

Napolitano expressed the conviction that “this largest amphetamine transport so far taken over could not be intended only for trade in the Naples area or in other Italian cities, but for distribution throughout Europe.”

“It is possible that local Kamorra criminal groups are involved in this business,” Colonel Giordano Natale told Reuters.

Reuters recalled that captagon pills are popular in the Middle East and “widespread in war-torn areas such as Syria, where the conflict has fueled demand and created opportunities for producers.”

“Production was initially concentrated in Lebanon, and the so-called Islamic State sells it to finance its operations,” the Reuters agency said, citing a statement from the Italian services.

Source of main photo: FINANCE GUARD / PAP / EPA

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