Italy obliges corona test for Dutch, negative daily record for France | NOW

Italy makes corona testing mandatory for travelers from the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. The country recorded the largest daily increase in the number of positive tests since mid-April (3,678) on Wednesday. In France, the virus was diagnosed in almost nineteen thousand people, a daily record and an increase of almost nine thousand positive tests compared to Tuesday.

To contain the corona outbreak in the country, French President Emmanuel Macron has already announced new measures. It is not yet clear to what extent the country will be locked up further. Macron wants to tackle the areas where the virus “hits the hardest”.

Macron also emphasized that these are additional measures: all cafes in Paris had to close their doors on Tuesday to prevent the spread of the corona virus. In addition, the highest alert phase for corona threat applies to the French capital and the immediate vicinity

The new tightening will be announced on Thursday at 4 p.m. by the French Minister of Health Olivier Véran and the Minister of Finance Bruno Le Maire.

The Dutch government previously issued negative travel advice for dozens of French departments. If the new measures further restrict the freedom of movement of the Dutch, it is expected that the whole of France will soon be put on ‘orange’.

Italy requires corona test for Dutch and mouth mask for residents

Italy also tightened the reins on Wednesday. Inhabitants are now obliged to wear a mouth mask outside, a measure that various regional governments had already taken.

When the virus spread again in countries like Spain and France in August and September, Italy seemed to be still in control. The number of positive tests daily increased gradually, but remained fluctuating between 1,000 and 1,800.

However, around 2,500 Italians have been tested positive for the virus every day since October. The government has not yet commented on further measures.

Germany and Belgium are also taking measures against the Netherlands

In addition to Italy and France, Germany and Belgium also took measures against the Netherlands. Both neighboring countries only see the province of Zeeland as a place with a low contamination level.

Germany has therefore made proof of a negative corona test mandatory for residents of the Netherlands from the other eleven provinces, while Belgium advises against all unnecessary travel to the Netherlands. Residents who stay in the Netherlands for more than two days must undergo quarantine and a corona test upon arrival in Belgium.


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