Italy goes to visit each other when the police changeover. Why the country breaks all records for deaths from coronavirus


At the very beginning, two weeks ago, when the number of victims in Italy it was very small, and the first measures of the government were still timid and neat, I came across the arguments of a modern Italian writer. She was sure that many residents Apennine even liked what was happening. The country was on the front pages of all the world’s newspapers, Italians became the owners of something very unusual, intimidating, interesting. For many, the “epidemic of an unknown virus” has become an adventure, a way to get away from everyday life, go through a kind of quest, play a computer game in reality. And then discuss it with friends in a bar, laugh, because illness is somewhere out there, far away, “this will not happen to us.”


And it didn’t just happen, but it hit so … The Italians are still swaggering, people sing songs from the windows, cheer each other up. Every morning on the radio with the stubbornness of the insane they promise that everything will be fine, we can handle it. Only in Bergamo there are no more places in cemeteries, and coffins are taken out in military trucks. Doctors tumble down, realizing that they can not help everyone. City mayors ask the government to send troops in order to somehow keep the situation under control. How and when it all ends – no one knows.


The Italians are striking in some way with their infantilism. They do not perceive the words “not” until the police stop them on the street. They say to everyone – do not leave your home, to the nearest supermarket – “one by one, by dashes.” Do not understand. Only in the first week of quarantine – 60 thousand fines for violation. The excuses are just ridiculous. “In a neighboring village, bread tastes better.” “In the supermarket on the other side of town, I have bonuses.” “My wife kicked me out of the house.” Happiness if someone has a dog in the stairwell. All the neighbors rent it “in order to have an excuse to go out.” Rome turned into a city runners – so many jogging enthusiasts have never been here. The government is tired of it – now it will be possible to run only around your house and one at a time.

The tobacco shop under the house has been closed for two days. At first I was worried about the owner, still at the risk of grandfathers. Until I saw him packing up his belongings in the ancient, like himself, Fiat.

– I’ll go to Tuscany, to their own, – he explained. – There are few clients, and then, it seems, the state promised compensation.

– But what about the blocks, the police, the control?

– Yes, I know such roads, nobody will be there. I’ll leave at five in the morning, at this time they have a shift change.

How to explain to these people that there is the word “can not”?


Smart guys are now trying to explain how it happened that in Italy, in the enlightened Europe, the cradle of civilization, where bats do not eat, this could happen. Demographic statistics are provided, saying that in Italy there are many elderly people who become the main victims of the virus. Someone says that we “count incorrectly,” indicating not “death from a coronavirus,” but “death of people with coronaviris.” Someone insists that the rest, unlike Italians, do not do so many tests. The World Health Organization also cannot find the answer to the question why Italy: “There are many factors, we do not have an exact answer.”


Yes, there are many factors. Starting with the fact that Italy was simply physically never ready for such trials. Since World War II, American military bases and nuclear weapons have been protecting the country from a military threat. Economic shocks, one way or another, helps resolve The European Union. But when all borders are closed, and all allies are busy with their problems, the great Italian nation, the creators of the world’s best works of art, cars, furniture, design, food, and so on and so forth, so on, can not curb the situation. I believe that in the end I can, but what will the Italians cost?


The country’s medical system does not work, it was not ready for the influx of patients. There are not enough places in intensive care, doctors are counting. What is it about, if there is already a discussion on the early release of students of the last courses of medical schools in order to throw them into the embrasure of the fight against the virus. While everything was fine, everything was clear – pay the money and, if you’re lucky, you will be cured. No money – well, most likely, you will recover. Now it turned out that private doctors, with beautiful diplomas in their offices, who took 100 euros for a simple consultation, could not help. We need places in hospitals, in intensive care, and this has never been beneficial to the state. And now it’s time to pay for it.

Have you ever been to an emergency room in a Roman children’s hospital? Hundreds of people in a small room can wait their turn for 5-6 hours. With screaming children in their arms. I went through this repeatedly. Therefore, I myself will never go to doctors in Italy; I can be brought to them only in an unconscious state.


Not surprisingly, hospitals became the first foci of coronavirus infection in Italy. Well, some Giuseppe came with a runny nose. Well, the doctor talked with him for half an hour (five minutes about the disease, the rest of the time – about the weather, sports, politics). The doctor was too lazy to put on a mask … While you do the tests, until the laboratory processes them …. And then suddenly – everyone caught the infection. And the doctor, and nurses, and Giuseppe’s friends from the nearest bar. And off we go. What can I say, because almost 10 percent of medical staff – those who must save ordinary Italians from infection, are already infected throughout the country.


“We take action!” “We will win”! “Country is one!” In the Italian government, the tiger resolutely rushed to fight the virus. “We will close the north of Italy!” And another half day the official government decree is not published. During these hours, everyone who could, whether infected or not, left the quarantine zone, scattering all over the country. Total Quarantine! “Do not leave home”! But, if: paragraph 1, paragraph 2, and so on … Then, for each government decree, then you have to issue clarifications, comments, clarifications in which the devil breaks his leg. Bureaucracy and the intricacies of legal norms can be forgiven in normal times, but not in emergency situations, when the order should be like a shot – short and understandable.


When I was studying Italian, my teacher’s most frequent answer to any question about Italians was “they are like that, they see the world like that”. Communicate, be always in sight, show your emotions, kiss, hug, do whatever your heart desires. Laughter, smiles, “buongiorno”, “ciao.” Pizza with friends, dinner with relatives, football with colleagues, cards with neighbors, coffee in the bar, chatter on the street. An ideal environment for any virus. When Italians defeat the coronavirus, they will not change. On the day of the declaration of victory, in a month, half a year, a year, they will come off for the entire time of compelled conclusion – by dances, carnivals, brotherhood. Until next time …

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