Italy defeated, there is controversy over the post of the brother of Immobile

Due to an injury Ciro Immobile could not answer the convocation in National for the Nations League and therefore was not on the field yesterday, while the Azzurri were beaten 2-1 by Spain. At the end of the race, however, the brother of the Lazio attacker, Luigi Immobile, he wanted to remove a pebble from his shoe after the many criticisms rained on Ciro from the Italian fans to the latest Europeans.

The provocation of the brother of Immobile

During the competition, in fact, Immobile was often accused of not being up to par with his teammates and that with a better center forward theItaly he would have won even more easily, scoring more goals, the continental event. A criticism that Luigi Immobile has not forgotten and that he wanted to send back to the sender last night.

“And now??? Who do we blame? There is no scapegoat !!! ”, wrote the attacker’s brother in an Instagram story. The comment, of course, was not lost on fans azzurri, which have been unleashed on social networks.

The controversy on social media

“In fact, in July, when Immobile had played, we had defeated Spain…”, Mojo writes on Twitter, siding with the Lazio forward. “Fossi Immobile I would give up the national team until the eve of the World Cup in Qatar. So after trying unsuccessfully Kean, Lasagna, Breakers, not no Caputo, Mancuso, Petagna and topo Gigio… they will come crawling back asking him to join for the final phase. If they get there, ”adds Gaius.

For TheCrow the problem in blue was not the center forward: “I’m starting to think that Immobile in the national team doesn’t touch the ball because Badge, Verratti e Jorginho they pass the ball only among themselves “.

But among the fans of Italy there are also those who do not change their minds, like CaClar: “1) It is not that if others suck, Immobile becomes strong. 2) Italy scored, the problem is that he took 2. Or motionless he would have marked Torres? 3) Immobile played in the European Championships against Spain. And it sucked ”.

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